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public final class PreferenceScreen
extends PreferenceGroup


Represents a top-level Preference that is the root of a Preference hierarchy. A PreferenceFragmentCompat points to an instance of this class to show the preferences. To instantiate this class, use createPreferenceScreen(android.content.Context).

    This class can appear in two places:
  • When a PreferenceFragmentCompat points to this, it is used as the root and is not shown (only the contained preferences are shown).
  • When it appears inside another preference hierarchy, it is shown and serves as the gateway to another screen of preferences (either by showing another screen of preferences as a Dialog or via a startActivity(android.content.Intent) from the getIntent()). The children of this PreferenceScreen are NOT shown in the screen that this PreferenceScreen is shown in. Instead, a separate screen will be shown when this preference is clicked.

Here's an example XML layout of a PreferenceScreen:

 android:key="wifi enabled"
 android:title="WiFi" />
 android:title="WiFi settings">
 android:key="prefer wifi"
 android:title="Prefer WiFi" />
 ... other preferences here ...

In this example, the "first_preferencescreen" will be used as the root of the hierarchy and given to a PreferenceFragment or PreferenceFragmentCompat. The first screen will show preferences "WiFi" (which can be used to quickly enable/disable WiFi) and "WiFi settings". The "WiFi settings" is the "second_preferencescreen" and when clicked will show another screen of preferences such as "Prefer WiFi" (and the other preferences that are children of the "second_preferencescreen" tag).

Developer Guides

For information about building a settings UI with Preferences, read the Settings guide.

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Public methods

void setShouldUseGeneratedIds(boolean shouldUseGeneratedIds)

Set whether the adapter created for this screen should attempt to use the preference IDs generated by addPreference(Preference) as stable item IDs.

boolean shouldUseGeneratedIds()