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added in version 24.1.0
belongs to Maven artifact com.android.support:preference-leanback-v17:28.0.0-alpha1


public abstract class BaseLeanbackPreferenceFragment
extends PreferenceFragment

   ↳ android.app.Fragment
     ↳ android.support.v14.preference.PreferenceFragment
       ↳ android.support.v17.preference.BaseLeanbackPreferenceFragment
Known Direct Subclasses

This fragment provides a preference fragment with leanback-style behavior, suitable for embedding into broader UI elements.


Inherited XML attributes

From class android.support.v14.preference.PreferenceFragment

Inherited constants

From class android.support.v14.preference.PreferenceFragment
From interface android.content.ComponentCallbacks2

Public constructors


Public methods

RecyclerView onCreateRecyclerView(LayoutInflater inflater, ViewGroup parent, Bundle savedInstanceState)

Creates the RecyclerView used to display the preferences.

Inherited methods

From class android.support.v14.preference.PreferenceFragment
From class android.app.Fragment
From class java.lang.Object
From interface android.support.v7.preference.PreferenceManager.OnPreferenceTreeClickListener
From interface android.support.v7.preference.PreferenceManager.OnDisplayPreferenceDialogListener
From interface android.support.v7.preference.PreferenceManager.OnNavigateToScreenListener
From interface android.support.v7.preference.DialogPreference.TargetFragment
From interface android.content.ComponentCallbacks2
From interface android.view.View.OnCreateContextMenuListener
From interface android.content.ComponentCallbacks

Public constructors


added in version 24.1.0
BaseLeanbackPreferenceFragment ()

Public methods


added in version 24.1.0
RecyclerView onCreateRecyclerView (LayoutInflater inflater, 
                ViewGroup parent, 
                Bundle savedInstanceState)

Creates the RecyclerView used to display the preferences. Subclasses may override this to return a customized RecyclerView.

inflater LayoutInflater: The LayoutInflater object that can be used to inflate the RecyclerView.

parent ViewGroup: The parent View that the RecyclerView will be attached to. This method should not add the view itself, but this can be used to generate the LayoutParams of the view.

savedInstanceState Bundle: If non-null, this view is being re-constructed from a previous saved state as given here

RecyclerView A new RecyclerView object to be placed into the view hierarchy