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added in version 25.1.0


SurfaceHolderGlueHost Optional interface to be implemented by any subclass of PlaybackGlueHost that contains a SurfaceView


MediaControllerGlue A helper class for implementing a glue layer for MediaControllerCompat
PlaybackControlGlue A helper class for managing a PlaybackControlsRow and PlaybackGlueHost that implements a recommended approach to handling standard playback control actions such as play/pause, fast forward/rewind at progressive speed levels, and skip to next/previous. 
PlaybackGlue Base class for abstraction of media play/pause feature. 
PlaybackGlue.PlayerCallback Interface to allow clients to take action once the video is ready to play. 
PlaybackGlueHost This class represents the UI (e.g. 
PlaybackGlueHost.HostCallback Callbacks triggered by the host(e.g. 
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