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TvContractCompat.BaseTvColumns Common base for the tables of TV channels/programs. 


Channel A convenience class to create and insert channel entries into the database. 
Channel.Builder The builder class that makes it easy to chain setters to create a Channel object. 
Program A convenience class to create and insert program information into the database. 
Program.Builder This Builder class simplifies the creation of a Program object. 
TvContractCompat The contract between the TV provider and applications. 
TvContractCompat.Channels Column definitions for the TV channels table. 
TvContractCompat.Channels.Logo A sub-directory of a single TV channel that represents its primary logo. 
TvContractCompat.Programs Column definitions for the TV programs table. 
TvContractCompat.Programs.Genres Canonical genres for TV programs. 
TvContractCompat.RecordedPrograms Column definitions for the recorded TV programs table. 
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