Android Game Development Kit

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The Android Game Development Kit (AGDK) is a set of tools and libraries that help you develop and optimize Android games while integrating with existing game development platforms and workflows.

Use, develop, or extend game engines

AGDK provides tools and libraries for adding Android support when you create or extend a game engine. It also provides plugins and integration that supports Android development on many existing game engines.

Develop in Visual Studio

You can build Android games in Visual Studio on Windows by using the Android Game Development Extension for Visual Studio (AGDE). AGDE is a Visual Studio extension that allows you to use your existing Visual Studio projects to build Android games.


The AGDK libraries allow you to develop and optimize your game in C or C++ while accessing Android app development libraries and services.

Frame Pacing

Helps games deliver frames at a consistent pace, and adjusts the pace based on the performance.
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Game Activity

Supports game development in C or C++ with access to Android Jetpack and dependent services.
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Game Controller

Manages game controllers by accessing connections, features, device information, and input data.
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Game Text Input

Displays and hides the soft keyboard, and manages text updates.
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Memory Advice API (Beta)

Helps Android apps stay within safety limits for memory use by estimating memory use and notifying apps if thresholds are exceeded.
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Oboe High-performance audio

Reduces audio latency, while avoiding device and platform audio issues.
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Android Performance Tuner

Identifies performance issues related to quality settings, scenes, load times, and device models.
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Android Performance Tuner Unity plugin

Integrates Android Performance Tuner with Unity.
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In addition to Android Performance Tuner, AGDK includes the Android GPU Inspector (AGI), which is a tool that provides advanced GPU and system profiling for graphic intensive games.

For a complete list of Android game optimization tools and best practices, see the optimization overview.