Android Game Development Kit - Game Controller library reference

These are the reference pages for the Game Controller library of the Android Game Development Kit.


Game Controller main interface The main interface to use the Game Controller library.


Paddleboat_Controller_Battery A structure that describes the current battery state of a controller.
Paddleboat_Controller_Data A structure that contains the current data for a controller's inputs and sensors.
Paddleboat_Controller_Info A structure that contains information about a particular controller device.
Paddleboat_Controller_Mapping_Data A structure that describes the button and axis mappings for a specified controller device running on a specified range of Android API levels.
Paddleboat_Controller_Pointer A structure that contains virtual pointer position data.
Paddleboat_Controller_Thumbstick A structure that contains X and Y axis data for an analog thumbstick.
Paddleboat_Controller_Thumbstick_Precision A structure that contains axis precision data for a thumbstick in the X and Y axis.
Paddleboat_Motion_Data A structure that contains motion data reported by a controller.
Paddleboat_Mouse_Data A structure that contains input data for the mouse device.
Paddleboat_Vibration_Data A structure that describes the parameters of a vibration effect.