Submit your Google Play Games game

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This guide describes how to submit your game for distribution on Google Play Games.

As you complete the tasks, ensure that you opt in to the Google Play Games on PC only distribution; otherwise, your submission will fail.

Verify that you meet the Google Play Games requirements

To ensure a smooth game submission process, review the Requirements Checklist and ensure that you've met the unique Google Play Games platform requirements.

Application bundle size restrictions are the same on PC and mobile. This means:

Add the Google Play Games on PC only form factor

To create and release to the Google Play Games on PC only test track:

  1. Go to advanced distribution settings at Release > Advanced settings (direct link)
  2. Go to the Form factors tab and add Google Play Games on PC only from the + Add form factor dropdown.

This creates the release tracks that you will use to roll out releases, which are separate from the tracks you use to release to phones and tablets.

Setup Game Cards to make your game stand out on PC (optional)

A game card is an app icon for desktop games on Google Play Games. It has more expressive qualities, including interactive behavior and videos on hover. These can be found on Home, Library, Continue Playing and All Games pages.

Game Cards are composed from two elements, a background and a logo. Both of these need to be set at the same time, otherwise you will receive an error in the console.

To set up game cards, visit the Grow > Store Presence > Main store listing or Custom store listings menus.

  1. To set up the game card backgound, select “Google Play Games on PC feature graphic”.

    1. The image must be a PNG or JPG, 16:9 aspect ratio, up to 15 MB, with each side between 720 and 7680 px.
    2. The image should represent the game "cover" and not contain any text.
  2. To set up the game card logo, select “Google Play Games on PC logo”.

    1. The image must be a PNG, 600px by 400px, up to 8mb.
    2. The image should represent your game name and will be overlaid on top of the feature graphic. It should have a transparent background.

Setting these elements will help promote your game in different places in Google Play.

Create and configure you Play multiplatform users track

To distribute a PC optimized build, create a users track:

  1. Go to the closed testing page at Release > Test > Closed testing (direct link).
  2. Select Google Play Games on PC only from the form factors selector.
  3. Create a new closed testing track:
    1. Click Create track in the top right corner.
    2. Name the track Play multiplatform users. On successful creation, the site directs you to the track page for your new track. This is also located on the closed testing page for the release type.
  4. Click the Manage track button for the track.
  5. On the Countries / regions tab, select the countries that should be targeted by the track. These are the countries and regions where releases on this track will be available. We recommend you select all available countries.

    1. You must include "United States" and "United Kingdom" for testing purposes if you opt to only allow certain regions.
  6. On the Testers tab:

    1. Select Google Groups.
    2. In the Email addresses field, add the email

Roll out a release

Create a new Google Play Games release on the closed Play multiplatform users track and upload your game.

  1. Go back to the track page for your new track. See Create and configure your Play multiplatform users track to manage the track.
  2. Click Create release, which opens the Prepare release page for the new release.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to prepare your release:
    • Add your app bundles or APKs.
    • Name your release.
    • Enter release notes for the version of your release.
  4. Click Save to save your changes.
  5. Click Review release to proceed to the review page.
  6. On the review page, ensure that all the information you have entered is correct.
    • Validation errors and warnings will appear at the top of the screen. Errors need to be resolved before you can proceed.
    • Review the information on the page to ensure that you have uploaded correct artifacts and entered your release details.
  7. Click Start roll-out at the bottom of the page to complete rolling out your release.

For more information, see the Prepare and roll out a release help center article.

Opt in to Google Play Games on PC only distribution

Return to the form factor settings and opt in to distribution.

  1. Go to advanced distribution settings at Release > Advanced settings.
  2. Go to the Form factors tab and open the settings for Google Play Games via the Manage button.
  3. Select Opt-in to Google Play Games on PC only and save the settings.