Developer preview programs for game developers

Apply to join open betas and developer preview programs from Android and Google Play and shape the development of these cutting edge features with your feedback. Acceptance into each program is subject to game titles meeting program requirements. For more information on building games for Android, see the main Games page.
Open beta

Native crash symbolication

Understand and troubleshoot your game stability issues more easily with native crash symbolication. Now you can upload your native debug symbols in the Google Play Console and get symbolicated stack traces in Android vitals and in your pre-launch reports.
Developer preview

Android Game Development Extension

For cross-platform games and game engines developed with C/C++, the Android Game Development Extension enables the ability to continue using Visual Studio-based workflows to target Android.
Developer preview

Android GPU Inspector

Android GPU Inspector is a GPU profiling tool that supports Android GPUs from multiple vendors. You can take traces of your games and find interesting performance insights to help you make optimization decisions.
Developer preview

Android Performance Tuner

Measure and optimise your frame rate at scale across the whole Android ecosystem. Get new performance insights in Android vitals specifically for game developers, by integrating Android performance tuner into your game.
Developer preview

Automatic Integrity Protection by Google Play

Spend less time worrying about problems like modding, tampering, piracy, and unauthorized distribution of your game and more time engaging your players and growing your business.
Developer preview

Game loops and Firebase Games Testing SDK

The Firebase Games Testing SDK allows you to build game loops to test your games at scale, without worrying about platform-specific details. The SDK works for Android, iOS, Desktop and if you use Unity, we provide an editor plugin which makes it even easier.
Developer preview

In app updates for Unity and Native

The Play In-app Updates API lets you trigger updates directly from the game, without risking user drop-off by having them go to the Play Store to get the update. You can trigger the update flow from within the game itself, and the user is kept in a managed flow until the update finishes. We launched In-app Updates for apps last year at Google I/O, and we are now adding support for games.
Developer preview

Play Games Services - Friends

A new centralized, cross-game friends system for Android Games from Play Game Services. The friends system helps players easily find their friends in games and discover new games their friends play. We’ll provide social APIs that allow you to access the friends list of your players so you can integrate and supplement your existing friends system.
Developer preview

Texture compression format targeting

Texture Compression Format Targeting is built on top of Play Asset Delivery and helps you deliver the optimal texture format to the user device. This improves the performance of your game over just shipping the 'lowest common denominator' format. It can also decrease the download/install size compared to if you were to package all the commonly supported texture formats into your game.