Jetpack Compose offers an implementation of Material Design, a comprehensive design system for creating digital interfaces. You can use composable functions to implement Material components.


Use the Scaffold composable to provide structure for your screens.
Various composables let you create app bars along the top and bottom of your screens.

User input

Use Button and similar composables to create a range of common buttons.
Switches to let the user to toggle options in your app.
The user can use sliders to select a value within a range.
Chips allow you to surface information to and handle input from the user.
Use FloatingActionButton and similar composables to create a range of floating action buttons.

Other components

Progress indicators provide the user with visual information regarding the progress of processing.
Use cards to contain a single set of information on a screen.
The Dialog to surface messages and options to the user.
Use a Snackbar to display brief message in a small popup at the bottom of the screen.
A drawer is a slide-out sidebar for navigation or additional content
Learn how to use basic layouts in Compose.
Learn how to manage resources such as strings and images.