Partial bottom sheet

You can partially show a bottom sheet and then let the user either make it full screen or dismiss it.

To do so, pass your ModalBottomSheet an instance of SheetState with skipPartiallyExpanded set to false.


This example demonstrates how you can use the sheetState property of ModalBottomSheet to display the sheet only partially at first:

fun PartialBottomSheet() {
    var showBottomSheet by remember { mutableStateOf(false) }
    val sheetState = rememberModalBottomSheetState(
        skipPartiallyExpanded = false,

        modifier = Modifier.fillMaxWidth(),
        horizontalAlignment = Alignment.CenterHorizontally,
    ) {
            onClick = { showBottomSheet = true }
        ) {
            Text("Display partial bottom sheet")

        if (showBottomSheet) {
                modifier = Modifier.fillMaxHeight(),
                sheetState = sheetState,
                onDismissRequest = { showBottomSheet = false }
            ) {
                    "Swipe up to open sheet. Swipe down to dismiss.",
                    modifier = Modifier.padding(16.dp)

Key points about the code

In this example, note the following:

  • showBottomSheet controls whether the app displays the bottom sheet.
  • sheetState is an instance of SheetState where skipPartiallyExpanded is false.
  • ModalBottomSheet takes a modifier that ensures it fills the screen when fully expanded.
  • ModalBottomSheet takes sheetState as the value for its sheetState parameter.
    • As a result, the sheet only partially displays when first opened. The user can then drag or swipe it to make it full screen or dismiss it.
  • The onDismissRequest lambda controls what happens when the user tries to dismiss the bottom sheet. In this case, it only removes the sheet.


When the user first presses the button, the sheet displays partially:

A bottom sheet that initially only fills part of the screen. The user can swipe to fill the screen with it, or dismiss it
Figure 1. Partially displayed bottom sheet.

If the user swipes up on the sheet, it fills the screen:

A bottom sheet that the user has expanded to fill the screen.
Figure 2. Full-screen bottom sheet.

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