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A Google-developed standalone application that brings your Android game to PC using a single codebase, with seamless Android and Chrome OS cross-device play. Now in beta in select markets.
Publish to Google Play and distribute to multiple platforms, maintaining a single code path.
Android APIs, libraries, and SDKs are fully compatible on PC. You don't have to re-implement in-app purchasing or create new SKUs.
Full-service user acquisition tools through Google Search and desktop ads across mobile and PC.
Give PC Players the optimal experience, while improving your game for users of Chrome OS devices and tablets.
Support mouse and keyboard input.
Optimize your game for large screens.
Support an x86 build of your game.
Integrate with Play Games Services Identity and add cloud save functionality.

Publish once, deploy everywhere

Distribute your game to multiple platforms with a single publish to Google Play.
Manage distribution with a unified experience through the Play Developer console. Analyze your users and vitals in one place for both your mobile and PC games.
The same code paths that support Chrome OS features such as keyboard and mouse input also apply to PCs, allowing you to reach the most users on the widest range of devices.
Large screen optimizations you make for PC improve the experience across the Android device ecosystem, including tablets, foldables, and Chrome OS laptops.
You can optionally choose the experience for your users based on their platform, with a trustworthy way to identify your user’s device type.

Seamless PC compatibility

Leverage your investment in Android and Google Play. Android and Google Play APIs, libraries, and SDKs are fully compatible on PC. You don't have to re-implement in-app purchasing or create new SKUs.
The updated Google Play Games Services seamlessly migrates your players from another logged-in device, enabling cross-device play on a unified code base.
Access to existing purchases and subscriptions using your existing Google Play Billing integration with your existing SKUs.
Your players can earn rewards wherever they prefer to play.
Support for the new Play Integrity API, helping you detect cheating and tampering on your PC and mobile distribution.

End-to-end user acquisition

Cross-platform campaigns across Google properties spanning mobile and PC with full-service user acquisition tools.
Automatically drive users to the PC version of your game via Google properties such as Search, YouTube, and Display ads.
End-to-end conversion tracking from ad click to post-install event with full attribution support from Google Play.
Allow users to install PC versions from either their desktop, or remotely from mobile ads.

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