Multitouch: Panning, zooming, rotating

To detect multitouch gestures used for panning, zooming and rotating, you can use the transformable modifier. This modifier does not transform elements by itself, it only detects the gestures.

private fun TransformableSample() {
    // set up all transformation states
    var scale by remember { mutableStateOf(1f) }
    var rotation by remember { mutableStateOf(0f) }
    var offset by remember { mutableStateOf(Offset.Zero) }
    val state = rememberTransformableState { zoomChange, offsetChange, rotationChange ->
        scale *= zoomChange
        rotation += rotationChange
        offset += offsetChange
            // apply other transformations like rotation and zoom
            // on the pizza slice emoji
                scaleX = scale,
                scaleY = scale,
                rotationZ = rotation,
                translationX = offset.x,
                translationY = offset.y
            // add transformable to listen to multitouch transformation events
            // after offset
            .transformable(state = state)

A UI element responding to multitouch gestures—panning, zooming, and rotating

If you need to combine zooming, panning and rotation with other gestures, you can use the PointerInputScope.detectTransformGestures detector.