It can be hard to know where a performance issue lies and what code to start optimizing. Start by using tools to help narrow down where your issue is.

Layout Inspector

Use the layout Inspector to inspect your layout and see recomposition counts.

If your UI has poor performance, this is often because of a coding error that forces your UI to be recomposed excessively. On the other hand, some coding errors can prevent your UI from being recomposed when it needs to be, which means UI changes aren't showing up on the screen. Tracking recompositions can help find both of these kinds of problems.

Recomposition in itself is not bad; however, unexpected recomposition can be an issue.

For more information, see the Layout Inspector recomposition counts documentation.

Composition tracing

Use composition tracing to trace your composable functions in a system trace. Traces are often the best source of information when first looking into a performance issue. They allow you to form a hypothesis of what the issue is and where to start looking.

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