Images and graphics in Compose

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Using bright, engaging visuals in your Android apps can help improve the look and feel of your application. In Android, there are a few different ways in which you can render something visually on screen- using either a vector, bitmap, or directly drawing with a canvas on screen. In this section, learn how to work these different kinds of graphics.

Learn how to work with images using these details:

  • Loading images: Learn how to load an image from disk or the internet
  • ImageBitmap versus ImageVector: Learn how to work with the two most common image formats, raster and vector.
  • Material icons: Learn about a convenient way to draw a single color icon on the screen, following Material Design 3 guidelines.
  • Customize an image: Learn how to customize an image using properties of an Image composable.
  • Custom painter: Learn about custom painter objects to additionally customize your image.
  • Optimizing performance: Learn about how to best work with images to avoid performance issues.

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