Animation Preview

Android Studio allows you to inspect animations from Animation Preview. If an animation is described in a composable preview, you can inspect the exact value of each animated value at a given time, pause the animation, loop it, fast-forward it, or slow it, to help you debug the animation throughout its transitions:

Play back, scrub through, and slow down the

You can also use Animation Preview to graph visualize animation curves, which is useful for making sure that the animation values are choreographed properly:

Visualization of an animation

Animation Preview automatically detects inspectable animations, which are indicated by the Start Animation Preview icon Run icon.

Start Animation Preview icon in Design

If you have multiple animations, you can use Animation Preview to inspect and coordinate them all at once. You can also freeze a specific animation.

Gif showing inspection with All Animations

Use pickers to set non-enum or boolean states to debug your Compose animation using precise inputs. For all supported Compose Animation APIs, you can play, pause, scrub, control speed, and coordinate.

Pick precise values for animation previews

Animation Preview currently supports the updateTransition, AnimatedVisibility, animate*AsState, CrossFade, rememberInfiniteTransition, and AnimatedContent APIs. To access the latest features, use Animation Preview with Android Studio Koala and compose.animation 1.6.8 and higher.