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CPU Monitor

This tool was removed in Android Studio 3.0.

You should get the latest version of Android Studio and use the new CPU Profiler instead.

Android Monitor includes a CPU Monitor lets you easily monitor the central processing unit (CPU) usage of your app. It displays CPU usage in real time and displays the percentage of total CPU time (including all cores) used in user and kernel mode. In user mode, the code must use system APIs to access hardware or memory, has access to virtual memory addresses only, and crashes are usually recoverable. In kernel mode, the code can directly access hardware, including physical memory addresses; crashes halt the device.

Displaying a running app in the CPU Monitor

To display an app running on a particular device or emulator in the CPU Monitor:

  1. Meet the prerequisites and dependencies.
  2. Open an app project.
  3. Run the app on a hardware device or emulator.
  4. Display Android Monitor.
  5. Click the Monitors tab and display the CPU Monitor.
  6. Enable the CPU Monitor by clicking Pause Pause icon to deselect it.
  7. The CPU Monitor starts to display any CPU usage. In the graph, the y-axis displays the percentage of CPU used. The x-axis records the time elapsed and starts with seconds, and then minutes and seconds, and so on.

  8. To stop the CPU Monitor, click Pause Pause icon again to select it.

Recording call stack changes

You can capture a record of the changes on the call stack during a particular time period while the CPU Monitor is running. For more information, see Method Trace.