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Record a Video

Android Monitor lets you record an MP4 video from your hardware device for a maximum of three minutes. You can use the video for your marketing materials as well as for debugging, for example.

Device Video

Recording a Video from the Screen

To record a video from a hardware device:

  1. Meet the prerequisites and dependencies.
  2. Open an app project.
  3. Run the app on a hardware device.
  4. Display Android Monitor.
  5. Interact with the display on the hardware device to stage the start of the video.
  6. Click Screen Record Screen Record icon in the Android Monitor toolbar.
  7. In the Screen Recorder Options dialog, optionally change the recording options:
    • Bit Rate - Type a bit rate. The default is 4 Mbps.
    • Resolution - Type a width and height value in pixels. The value must be a multiple of 16. The default is the resolution of the device.
  8. Click Start Recording to start the recording.
  9. Click Stop Recording to stop the recording.
  10. In the Save As dialog, save the MP4 file.
  11. In the Screen Recorder dialog, click one of the buttons to show the file location, open the recording in a player, or to dismiss the dialog.
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