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The jobb tool allows you to build encrypted and unencrypted APK expansion files in Opaque Binary Blob (OBB) format. You can download and mount these expansion files in your application using StorageManager on devices with Android 2.3 (API Level 9) or higher. OBB files are used to provide additional file assets for Android applications (such as graphics, sounds and video), separate from an application's APK file. For more information on using expansion files, see APK Expansion Files.


The syntax for running jobb is as follows:

jobb [-d <directory>][-o <filename>][-pn <package>][-pv <version>] \
     [-k <key>][-ov][-dump <filename>][-v][-about]

You can use the jobb tool to create an OBB file or extract the contents of an existing OBB. The following example command creates an OBB file from source files.

$ jobb -d /temp/assets/ -o my-app-assets.obb -k secret-key -pn -pv 11

This example shows how to dump (extract) the contents of an existing OBB file:

$ jobb -d /temp/obb-output/ -o my-app-assets.obb -k secret-key


The table below lists the command line options for the jobb tool.

Option Description
-d <directory> Set the input directory for creating an OBB file, or the output directory when extracting (-dump) an existing file. When creating an OBB file, the contents of the specified directory and all its sub-directories are included in the OBB file system.
-o <filename> Specify the filename for the OBB file. This parameter is required when creating an OBB and extracting (dumping) its contents.
-pn <package> Specify the package name for the application that mounts the OBB file, which corresponds to the package value specified in your application's manifest. This parameter is required when creating an OBB file.
-pv <version> Set the minimum version for the application that can mount the OBB file, which corresponds to the android:versionCode value in your application's manifest. This parameter is required when creating an OBB file.
-k <key> Specify a password for encrypting a new OBB file or decrypting an existing, encypted OBB file.
-ov Create OBB file that is an overlay of an existing OBB file structure. This option allows the new package contents to be mounted into the same location as a previous package and is intended for creating patch versions of previously generated OBB files. Files within an overlay OBB file replace files that have the same path.
-dump <filename>

Extract the contents of the specified OBB file. When using this option, you must also specify the output directory for the contents using the -d <directory> parameter.

Note: When dumping an existing OBB file, you can omit the -d <directory> parameter to get a listing of the directories inside the file, without extracting the contents.

-v Set verbose output for the tool.
-about Display version and help information for the jobb tool.
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