Limit loading in on-device Android containers

On-device Android containers are apps that simulate the Android OS on an Android-powered device. This includes both apps that simulate the Android OS in its entirety and apps that only simulate portions of the Android OS.

If you don't want on-device Android container apps to load in or proxy your Play Store app, you can add a string to your app manifest that declares this restriction.

Create a property under the <application> in your Android manifest with android:name set to REQUIRE_SECURE_ENV and android:value set to 1:

<property android:name="REQUIRE_SECURE_ENV" android:value="1" />

For this use case, you can use the REQUIRE_SECURE_ENV property regardless of the Android version that your app runs on.

On-device Android container apps are required to respect this declaration.

For more information about on-device Android containers, see the Help Center.