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<category android:name="string" />
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Adds a category name to an intent filter. See Intents and Intent Filters for details on intent filters and the role of category specifications within a filter.
The name of the category. Standard categories are defined in the Intent class as CATEGORY_name constants. The name assigned here can be derived from those constants by prefixing "android.intent.category." to the name that follows CATEGORY_. For example, the string value for CATEGORY_LAUNCHER is "android.intent.category.LAUNCHER".

Note: In order to receive implicit intents, you must include the CATEGORY_DEFAULT category in the intent filter. The methods startActivity() and startActivityForResult() treat all intents as if they declared the CATEGORY_DEFAULT category. If you do not declare it in your intent filter, no implicit intents will resolve to your activity.

Custom categories should use the package name as a prefix, to ensure that they are unique.

introduced in:
API Level 1
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