<property android:name="string"
           android:resource="resource specification"
           android:value="string" />
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A name-value pair for an item of additional, arbitrary data that can be supplied to the parent component. A component element can contain any number of <property> subelements. Valid names include any of the property constants defined in the PackageManager class, PackageManager.Property tags defined in classes such as WindowProperties, and arbitrary constants defined ad hoc. Obtain values individually using the PackageManager.getProperty() method.

Specify ordinary values with the android:value attribute. Specify resource IDs with the android:resource attribute. Specifying both android:value and android:resource is invalid.

For example, the following code assigns whatever value is stored in the @string/kangaroo resource to the zoo name:

<property android:name="zoo" android:value=”@string/kangaroo” />

The code here, however, assigns the numeric ID of the resource, not the value stored in the resource, to zoo:

<property android:name="zoo" android:resource=”@string/kangaroo” />
The name of the property. A parsing error results if multiple, sibling <property> tags have the same name.
A reference to a resource. The ID of the resource is the value assigned to the property. The ID can be retrieved from the property by PackageManager.Property.getResourceId().
A value assigned to the property. The following table lists valid data types and accessor methods for the value attribute:
Type PackageManager.Property accessor
String: Use double backslashes (\\) to escape characters; for example, \\n and \\uxxxxx for a Unicode character getString()
Integer: For example, 100 getInteger()
Boolean: Either true or false getBoolean()
Color: In the form #rgb, #argb, #rrggbb, or #aarrggbb getInteger()
Float: For example, 1.23 getFloat()

Note: A <property> tag should not contain both android:value and android:resource attributes. If that happens, android:resource is preferred.

introduced in:
API Level 31