Layouts in Compose

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Jetpack Compose makes it easy to design an efficient layout for your app.

The following pages provide details on how to design and implement your layout:

  • Layout basics: Learn about the building blocks for a straightforward app UI.
  • Material Components and layouts: Learn about Material components and layouts in Compose.
  • Custom layouts: Learn how to take control of your app's layout, and how to design a custom layout of your own.
  • Build adaptive layouts: Learn how to use Compose to build layouts that adapt to different screen sizes, orientations, and form factors.
  • Alignment lines: Learn how to create custom alignment lines to precisely align and position your UI elements.
  • Intrinsic measurements: Learn how to set an intrinsic height or width for your UI elements, giving you precise control over how the elements are arranged in the layout.
  • ConstraintLayout: Learn how to use ConstraintLayout in your Compose UI.

Learn more

To learn more about Compose layouts, try the Layouts in Jetpack Compose codelab.