Build for Billions

The markets with the fastest growing internet and smartphone penetration can have some challenging issues, such as:

  • Slow, intermittent, or expensive connectivity.
  • Devices with screens, memory, and processors that may be less capable than devices in other markets.
  • Limited opportunities to recharge batteries during the day.

To help your app succeed and deliver the best possible experience in developing markets, we've put together some advice on how to address these issues.

The practices described in this section are relevant to all apps, not only apps published in developing markets. Apps that use memory, power, and network bandwidth efficiently will perform better in any market and produce a better experience for all users.

Build apps to delight billions

We've divided our advice into five broad categories: connectivity, device capability, data cost, battery consumption, and content. The categories are presented in no particular order, and you should take them as guidelines, not absolutes. You should always research the particulars of any market or country you are targeting.

Learn how to provide a better experience for users connected to slower networks. Focus on optimizing images, optimizing networking, and fine-tuning data transfer.

Learn how to support devices with capabilities that may be different from those you usually develop for. Take into account different screen sizes, backward compatibility, and efficient memory use.

Learn how to help users minimize their network traffic costs by reducing app size and offering configurable network settings.

Learn how your app can help preserve battery life. Follow the best practices for power management and benchmarking to ensure sure that your app isn't draining the battery unnecessarily.

Learn how to present content for the best possible user experience. Areas to focus on include UI responsiveness, UI best practices, and localization.