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Get started with Jetpack Compose

Jetpack Compose is the modern toolkit for building native Android UI. Here's where you'll find the latest information about using Compose.

Get an overview of Compose's core concepts

  • Tutorial: Get started with Compose, by using it to build a simple UI.
  • Thinking in Compose: Learn how Compose's declarative approach is different from the view-based approach you may have used in the past, and how to build a mental model of working with Compose.

Understand the Compose development environment

Learn more about a specific Compose concept

  • Layout: Learn about Compose's native layout components, and how to design your own.
  • Theming: Learn how to theme your Compose-based UI.
  • Managing state: Learn about setting and using state in your Compose app.
  • Testing: Learn about testing your Compose code.
  • Interoperability: Compose is designed to work with your existing Android views. Learn about integrating Compose content with view-based UIs in the same app.
  • Navigation: Learn how to use NavController to integrate the Navigation component with your Compose UI.
  • Kotlin for Compose: Learn how certain Kotlin-specific idioms work with Compose.

Additional resources