Record a video

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Device Video

Figure 1. Record a video of your app

Logcat lets you record an MP4 video from your device for a maximum of three minutes. You can, for example, use the video for your marketing materials or for debugging.

Audio is not recorded with the video file.

Video recording is not available for devices running Wear OS.

To record a video of your app, do the following:

  1. Open an app project.
  2. Run the app on a device.
  3. Click View > Tool Windows > Logcat.
  4. Interact with the display on the device to stage the start of the video.
  5. Click Screen Record in the left side of the Logcat window.
  6. In the Screen Recorder Options dialog, set the recording options:
    • Bit Rate: Enter a bit rate. The default is 4 Mbps.
    • Resolution: Enter a width and height value in pixels. The value must be a multiple of 16. The default is the resolution of the device.
    • Show Taps: Enables visual feedback for taps.
  7. Click Start Recording to start the recording.
  8. Click Stop Recording to stop the recording.
  9. In the Save As dialog, save the MP4 file.
  10. In the Screen Recorder dialog, click one of the buttons to show the file location, open the recording in a player, or dismiss the dialog.