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Alpha 0.3.01 (November 2022)

  • Android Studio plugin is now supported on Android Studio Electric Eel.
  • Various bug fixes:
    • Windows: style mapping files can now be located on different drives than Android Studio. This previously blocked the import operation.
    • The Create UI Package button is now only enabled when a single valid UI package is selected in the Figma plugin.
    • Users using larger font sizes (For example, 16+ in AppleSystemUIFont) will no longer see text that is cut off in the Settings dialog of the Android Studio plugin.
    • The Import UI Packages menu item in Android Studio is now always enabled, unless your project has more than one module and either no file is selected or the selected file is not in any module.
    • The Figma plugin now correctly handles adding parameters to a component that uses variants and contains multiple instances of child components.

Alpha 0.3.00 (October 2022)

  • Android Developer Summit Alpha launch