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RenderScript provides a platform-independent computation engine that operates at the native level. Use it to accelerate your apps that require extensive computational horsepower.

Blog Articles

Evolution of RenderScript Performance

It’s been a year since the last blog post on RenderScript, and with the release of Android 4.2, it’s a good time to talk about the performance work that we’ve done since then. One of the major goals of this past year was to improve the performance of common image-processing operations with RenderScript.

Levels in RenderScript

For ICS, RenderScript (RS) has been updated with several new features to simplify adding compute acceleration to your application. RS is interesting for compute acceleration when you have large buffers of data on which you need to do significant processing. In this example we will look at applying a levels/saturation operation on a bitmap.

RenderScript Part 2

In Introducing RenderScript I gave a brief overview of this technology. In this post I’ll look at "compute" in more detail. In RenderScript we use "compute" to mean offloading of data processing from Dalvik code to RenderScript code which may run on the same or different processor(s).

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