TextInputLayout.BoxBackgroundMode Values for box background mode. 


TextInputLayout.LengthCounter Interface definition for a length counter. 
TextInputLayout.OnEditTextAttachedListener Callback interface invoked when the view's EditText is attached, or from TextInputLayout.addOnEditTextAttachedListener(OnEditTextAttachedListener) if the edit text is already present. 
TextInputLayout.OnEndIconChangedListener Callback interface invoked when the view's end icon changes. 


MaterialAutoCompleteTextView A special sub-class of AutoCompleteTextView that is auto-inflated so that auto-complete text fields (e.g., for an Exposed Dropdown Menu) are accessible when being interacted through a screen reader. 
TextInputEditText A special sub-class of EditText designed for use as a child of TextInputLayout
TextInputLayout Layout which wraps a TextInputEditText, EditText, or descendant to show a floating label when the hint is hidden while the user inputs text. 
TextInputLayout.AccessibilityDelegate An TextInputLayout.AccessibilityDelegate intended to be set on an EditText or TextInputEditText with TextInputLayout.setTextInputAccessibilityDelegate(TextInputLayout.AccessibilityDelegate) to provide attributes for accessibility that are managed by TextInputLayout