CornerFamily CornerFamily enum that holds which family to be used to create a CornerTreatment

The corner family determines which family to use to create a CornerTreatment

MaterialShapeDrawable.CompatibilityShadowMode Determines when compatibility shadow is drawn vs. 


Shapeable Provides a mechanism to uniformly modify the ShapeAppearanceModel that backs a MaterialShapeDrawable
ShapeAppearanceModel.OnChangedListener Listener called every time a ShapeAppearanceModel corner or edge is modified and notifies the MaterialShapeDrawable that the shape has changed so that it can invalidate itself. 


CornerTreatment A basic corner treatment (a single point which does not affect the shape). 
CutCornerTreatment A corner treatment which cuts or clips the original corner of a shape with a straight line. 
EdgeTreatment A basic edge treatment (a single straight line). 
InterpolateOnScrollPositionChangeHelper Helper class to handle shape interpolation when shaped views enter or exit the window. 
MaterialShapeDrawable Base drawable class for Material Shapes that handles shadows, elevation, scale and color for a generated path. 
RoundedCornerTreatment A corner treatment which rounds a corner of a shape. 
ShapeAppearanceModel This class models the edges and corners of a shape, which are used by MaterialShapeDrawable to generate and render the shape for a view's background. 
ShapePath Represents the descriptive path of a shape. 
ShapePath.PathArcOperation Path arc operation. 
ShapePath.PathLineOperation Straight line operation. 
ShapePath.PathOperation Interface for a path operation to be appended to the operations list. 
ShapePath.PathQuadOperation Path quad operation. 
ShapePathModel This class is deprecated. Use ShapeAppearanceModel instead.  
TriangleEdgeTreatment An edge treatment which draws triangles at the midpoint of an edge, facing into or out of the shape.