CircularRevealHelper.Strategy Which strategy this view should use to create the circular reveal effect. 


CircularRevealHelper.Delegate Delegate interface to be implemented by the CircularRevealWidget that owns this helper. 
CircularRevealWidget Interface which denotes that a View supports a circular clip and scrim color, even for pre-L APIs. 


CircularRevealCompat Defines compat implementations of circular reveal animations. 
CircularRevealFrameLayout A CircularRevealWidget wrapper for FrameLayout
CircularRevealGridLayout A CircularRevealWidget wrapper for GridLayout
CircularRevealHelper Helper class to implement circular reveal functionality. 
CircularRevealLinearLayout A CircularRevealWidget wrapper for LinearLayout
CircularRevealRelativeLayout A CircularRevealWidget wrapper for RelativeLayout
CircularRevealWidget.CircularRevealEvaluator A TypeEvaluator that performs type interpolation between two CircularRevealWidget.RevealInfos. 
CircularRevealWidget.CircularRevealProperty A Property wrapper around the compound circularReveal functionality on a CircularRevealWidget
CircularRevealWidget.CircularRevealScrimColorProperty A Property wrapper around the circularRevealScrimColor functionality on a CircularRevealWidget
CircularRevealWidget.RevealInfo RevealInfo holds three values for a circular reveal.