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Android Camera and Media Apps

Your first stop for content on developing camera and media apps. Explore resources on building playback and editing apps with Jetpack Media3. Learn how to extend engaging media experiences to users across Android's multidevice ecosystem.

Build modern camera and media use cases

Users are moving from doing everything on phones to an increasingly multidevice world. Android is evolving to help you reach users where they are with the features they want, on phones, tablets, watches, TVs and even in cars.
Simple, customizable, reliable, and performant Android APIs for core media experiences.
Leverage Adaptive UI support for flexible displays, like foldables and flippables.
Give users quick access to their media.
Recommend TV content that you know your users care about.

Find inspiration in device galleries

Explore media designs for tablets and foldables in the large screens gallery
Explore media designs for smartwatches in the Wear OS gallery
Explore media designs for TVs in the TV gallery
Use ExoPlayer, the default Player implementation in Media3, or build your own player by implementing the SimpleBasePlayer class. Then extend your playback capabilities by implementing a MediaSession or MediaLibraryService.
Media3 introduces Transformer, an API for editing media, including converting between formats (transcoding), applying changes like trimming a clip from a longer video, cropping a portion of the video frame, applying custom effects, and other editing operations.
Delight your users with features like HDR, picture-in-picture, and spatial audio. Learn about the platform and Jetpack APIs designed to make your app stand out.
See how to move your app from basic media functionality toward multidevice integration, higher engagement, revenue generation, and more.
See best practices in action in our sample app for audio and video playback use cases, including how to implement a MediaSession and help your app stand out with spatial audio.

Using older APIs like the standalone ExoPlayer library, MediaCompat, or Jetpack Media2? Follow our migration guide and use our migration script to make your Media3 migration easy.

Why migrate to Jetpack Media3

  • Updated ExoPlayer, MediaSession, & MediaController APIs
  • Editing with the new Transformer API
  • Backwards-compatible with MediaCompat APIs
Discover the latest developer solutions in the Android media and camera suite to help you maximize users' entertainment experiences.
Learn how to use Media3's libraries to do a wide variety of video editing, including converting video from one format to another, applying effects, and combining multiple audio and video streams.
Share feedback or file bugs on Media3