DynamicColors.OnAppliedCallback The interface that provides a callback method after dynamic colors have been applied. 
DynamicColors.Precondition The interface that provides a precondition to decide if dynamic colors should be applied. 


ColorContrast Utility for applying contrast colors to application/activities. 
ColorContrastOptions Wrapper class for specifying color contrast options when applying contrast to branded and custom themes. 
ColorContrastOptions.Builder Builder class for specifying options when applying contrast. 
ColorRoles Each accent color (primary, secondary and tertiary), is provided as a group of four supplementary color roles with different luminance which can be used in the UI to define emphasis and to provide a greater flexibility in expression. 
DynamicColors Utility for applying dynamic colors to application/activities. 
DynamicColorsOptions Wrapper class for specifying dynamic colors options when applying dynamic colors. 
DynamicColorsOptions.Builder Builder class for specifying options when applying dynamic colors. 
HarmonizedColorAttributes A class for specifying color attributes for harmonization, which contains an array of color attributes, with the option to specify a custom theme overlay. 
HarmonizedColors A class for harmonizing color resources and attributes. 
HarmonizedColorsOptions Wrapper class for specifying harmonization options, whether to harmonize an array of color resources, or a HarmonizedColorAttributes, along with the color attribute provided to harmonize with. 
HarmonizedColorsOptions.Builder Builder class for specifying options when harmonizing colors. 
MaterialColors A utility class for common color variants used in Material themes.