Data Fields
rs_tm Struct Reference

Data Fields

int tm_sec
int tm_min
int tm_hour
int tm_mday
 day of the month
int tm_mon
int tm_year
int tm_wday
 day of the week
int tm_yday
 day of the year
int tm_isdst
 daylight savings time

Detailed Description

Data structure for broken-down time components.

tm_sec - Seconds after the minute. This ranges from 0 to 59, but possibly up to 60 for leap seconds. tm_min - Minutes after the hour. This ranges from 0 to 59. tm_hour - Hours past midnight. This ranges from 0 to 23. tm_mday - Day of the month. This ranges from 1 to 31. tm_mon - Months since January. This ranges from 0 to 11. tm_year - Years since 1900. tm_wday - Days since Sunday. This ranges from 0 to 6. tm_yday - Days since January 1. This ranges from 0 to 365. tm_isdst - Flag to indicate whether daylight saving time is in effect. The value is positive if it is in effect, zero if it is not, and negative if the information is not available.

Definition at line 49 of file rs_time.rsh.

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