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rs_time.rsh File Reference

Data Structures

struct  rs_tm


typedef int rs_time_t


rs_time_t rsTime (rs_time_t *timer)
rs_tmrsLocaltime (rs_tm *local, const rs_time_t *timer)
int64_t rsUptimeMillis (void)
int64_t rsUptimeNanos (void)
float rsGetDt (void)

Detailed Description

Renderscript time routines.

This file contains Renderscript functions relating to time and date manipulation.

Definition in file rs_time.rsh.

Typedef Documentation

typedef int rs_time_t

Calendar time interpreted as seconds elapsed since the Epoch (00:00:00 on January 1, 1970, Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)).

Definition at line 31 of file rs_time.rsh.

Function Documentation

float rsGetDt ( void  )

Returns the time in seconds since this function was last called in this script.

Time in seconds.
rs_tm* rsLocaltime ( rs_tm local,
const rs_time_t timer 

Converts the time specified by timer into broken-down time and stores it in local. This function also returns a pointer to local. If local is NULL, this function does nothing and returns NULL.

localBroken-down time.
timerInput time as calendar time.
Pointer to broken-down time (same as input local).
rs_time_t rsTime ( rs_time_t timer)

Returns the number of seconds since the Epoch (00:00:00 UTC, January 1, 1970). If timer is non-NULL, the result is also stored in the memory pointed to by this variable. If an error occurs, a value of -1 is returned.

timerLocation to also store the returned calendar time.
Seconds since the Epoch.
int64_t rsUptimeMillis ( void  )

Returns the current system clock (uptime) in milliseconds.

Uptime in milliseconds.
int64_t rsUptimeNanos ( void  )

Returns the current system clock (uptime) in nanoseconds.

Uptime in nanoseconds.