Support game controllers

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You can greatly enhance the user experience in your game by letting players use their favorite game controllers. The Android framework provides APIs for detecting and processing user input from game controllers.

This class shows how to make your game work consistently with game controllers across different Android API levels (API level 9 and up), and how to enhance the gaming experience for players by supporting multiple controllers simultaneously in your app.

Note: If you are developing games or writing a C++ app, you should use the Game Controller Library that is part of AGDK instead.


Handle controller actions
Learn how to handle user input from common input elements on game controllers, including directional pad (D-pad) buttons, gamepad buttons, and joysticks.
Support controllers across android versions
Learn how to make game controllers behave the same across devices running different versions of Android.
Support multiple game controllers
Learn how to detect and use multiple game controllers that are simultaneously connected.