Get started with media on Android

Media apps span a broad range of use cases, from capturing content to editing photos to sharing music with friends to scrolling through videos on social media. In this developer center, you'll find resources to help you create, extend, level up, and optimize your apps for these types of use cases and more.

Currently, you will find guidance for media playback and video editing in this section, but over time the Media developer center will grow to incorporate content for in-app capture and other relevant use cases, best practices as you build multidevice experiences, and direct references to sample app code so you can see it all in action.

Build an app

To build audio or video playback features, we recommend using ExoPlayer from the Jetpack Media3 library.

Create a playback app

To build media editing features, we recommend using Transformer from the Jetpack Media3 library.

Create an editing app

Extend your app's reach

Reach your users where they are by adding support for more form factors like large screens and Wear OS, Google Assistant, and Cast-enabled devices.

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Level up your app

Take your app from good, to better, to best by implementing premium media features like HDR and spatial audio. Then, drive higher engagement and revenue with multidevice integrations.

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Optimize for high quality

Ensure users have a great experience when using your app by testing and investing in performance and reliability.

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