Media apps on Google Assistant driving mode

Google Assistant helps drivers perform tasks they're already doing while driving. It reduces distraction by providing glanceable, voice-forward multimodal experiences. Driving mode helps make every drive safer, more informed, connected, and enjoyable.

Using driving mode

A device automatically enters driving mode when you start navigating in Google Maps.

To disable driving mode:

  1. Navigate to Google Maps Settings > Navigation Settings > Google Assistant settings > Manage Driving Mode.
  2. Turn off the Driving Mode setting.

App prerequisites

In order for driving mode to work correctly with your media app, the app must meet these requirements:

Driving mode and playback controls

Each app determines the transport controls that appear on the screen. Do this by connecting its MediaSession to TransportControls. For example, a music player usually shows these controls:

Any other supported actions are invoked via voice commands.

Media recommendations in driving mode

Driving mode displays recommendations in two places, the "For you" page and the app's browse page. The screens look similar:

For you
App browse

The Assistant calls MediaBrowserService.onGetRoot() with the hint EXTRA_SUGGESTED to retrieve recommendations. You should return a flat list of playable MediaItem objects. The app's browse screen displays all the items in the list. The "for you" screen is not guaranteed to show the recommendations at all if there are less than 15 items in the list.

Each MediaItem must have media art. You can provide the type of a MediaItem by adding a CONTENT_TYPE key-value pair to the Bundle in the MediaDescription of each MediaItem. This helps improve the item's ranking in the "for you" page.

The possible values for CONTENT_TYPE are:

  • NEWS


Use the Media Control test app to verify your app.

Known issues

It is important to avoid opening a media app in the foreground while in driving mode. For example, when the Assistant calls MediaBrowserService.onGetRoot() to retrieve recommendations, your app should ensure that the state of your PlaybackState is STATE_NONE. This prevents your app from being brought to the foreground. Currently there is no way for an app to detect whether it is in driving mode or not.