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Resource Types

Each of the documents in this section describe the usage, format and syntax for a certain type of application resource that you can provide in your resources directory (res/).

Here's a brief summary of each resource type:

Animation Resources
Define pre-determined animations.
Tween animations are saved in res/anim/ and accessed from the R.anim class.
Frame animations are saved in res/drawable/ and accessed from the R.drawable class.
Color State List Resource
Define a color resources that changes based on the View state.
Saved in res/color/ and accessed from the R.color class.
Drawable Resources
Define various graphics with bitmaps or XML.
Saved in res/drawable/ and accessed from the R.drawable class.
Layout Resource
Define the layout for your application UI.
Saved in res/layout/ and accessed from the R.layout class.
Menu Resource
Define the contents of your application menus.
Saved in res/menu/ and accessed from the class.
String Resources
Define strings, string arrays, and plurals (and include string formatting and styling).
Saved in res/values/ and accessed from the R.string, R.array, and R.plurals classes.
Style Resource
Define the look and format for UI elements.
Saved in res/values/ and accessed from the class.
More Resource Types
Define values such as booleans, integers, dimensions, colors, and other arrays.
Saved in res/values/ but each accessed from unique R sub-classes (such as R.bool, R.integer, R.dimen, etc.).
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