Toggle chips

A ToggleChip is a specialized chip that allows users to select various options.

Toggle chip

Toggle chips include a bi-state toggle control. Some examples of a bi-state toggle control include a switch, radio button, or checkbox. Use toggle chips for situations in which many options may need to be quickly and easily set, such as in Settings.


Toggle chips have four slots that accommodate two text labels, one selection control and one application icon. The icon and secondary label are optional.

A. Label

B. Secondary label

C. Icon

D. Selection control

E. Container

Selection controls


Use a switch to turn a selection on or off.

Radio button

Use radio buttons in lists where the user can select only one option.


Use checkboxes in lists where the user can select multiple options.

Split toggle chips

The SplitToggleChip differs from the ToggleChip by having two tappable areas, one clickable text area and one with a toggle.

On split toggle chips, differentiate between the tappable background area and the toggle control by making each section a different color.


Use toggle chips as shown in the following examples.