The Chip component is an interactive compact element that represents an input, attribute, or action.


Chips can contain up to two text labels and an optional icon. At least one text label or an icon must be provided. Chips may truncate text if the text label is too long. The primary label is one line of text if the secondary label is present, but up to two lines of text if the secondary label is not present.

A. Primary label
B. Secondary label (optional)
C. Icon (optional)
D. Container

Design recommendations

Image chip

Image chips contain actions which relate to a chosen image. Image chips work well to communicate a more specific look and feel.

    label = {
            text = "Summer Mix",
            maxLines = 1,
            overflow = TextOverflow.Ellipsis
    colors = ChipDefaults.imageBackgroundChipColors(
        backgroundImagePainter = painterResource(id = R.drawable.clouds)
Avatar chip

Use avatar chips for actions that are related to a chosen avatar. Avatar chips can also have icons used to make the avatar more easily recognizable, such as a contact ID photo. Avatar icons are 32x32dp.

    label = {
        Text(text = "Mark Castle")
    icon = {
            painter = painterResource(id = R.drawable.avatar),
            contentDescription = null,
            modifier = Modifier.size(ChipDefaults.LargeIconSize)
                .wrapContentSize(align = Alignment.Center)
Compact chip

The related component, CompactChip is a variant of the Chip component that appears smaller and is designed for use cases where there is less space. Compact chips have a slot for an icon and a slot for a single line text label. Compact chips have a tappable area with a height of 48dp.


Use different color fills to denote chip hierarchy. Design each screen to contain a single prominent chip for the primary action.

High emphasis
Use high-emphasis chips for actions that are primary to the page. Use primary colors as the fill of a high emphasis chip.

Medium emphasis
Use medium emphasis chips for actions that are less important than the primary actions. Use secondary colors for the fill of a medium emphasis chip.

Alternatively, use the custom OutlinedChip component. The outlined chip has a transparent background, a primary variant colored stroke of 60% opacity, and primary colored content.

Low emphasis
Low emphasis chips have a transparent fill and only a text label. Use low emphasis chips to indicate a child relationship to a primary or secondary chip.


Default chip

Icon: 24dp
Height: 52dp

Compact Chip

Icon: 20dp
Height: 32dp
Tappable area: 48dp


See examples of chip usage such as standard chips in Settings and image chips in an exercise app.