public class GrantPermissionRule
extends Object implements TestRule


The GrantPermissionRule Rule allows granting of runtime permissions on Android M (API 23) and above. Use this Rule when a test requires a runtime permission to do its work.

When applied to a test class this Rule attempts to grant all requested runtime permissions. The requested permissions will then be granted on the device and will take immediate effect. Permissions can only be requested on Android M (API 23) or above and will be ignored on all other API levels. Once a permission is granted it will apply for all tests running in the current Instrumentation. There is no way of revoking a permission after it was granted. Attempting to do so will crash the Instrumentation process.

Note, this Rule is usually used to grant runtime permissions to avoid the permission dialog from showing up and blocking the App's Ui. This is especially helpful for Ui-Testing to avoid losing control over the app under test.

The requested permissions will be granted for all test methods in the test class. Use grant(String) static factory method to request a variable number of permissions.


 public GrantPermissionRule mRuntimePermissionRule = GrantPermissionRule

Note: As per the documentation this rule will automatically grant READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE when WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE is requested.

This API is currently in beta.


Public methods

final Statement apply(Statement base, Description description)
static GrantPermissionRule grant(String... permissions)

Static factory method that grants the requested permissions.

Inherited methods

From class java.lang.Object
From interface org.junit.rules.TestRule

Public methods


Statement apply (Statement base, 
                Description description)

base Statement

description Description



GrantPermissionRule grant (String... permissions)

Static factory method that grants the requested permissions.

Permissions will be granted before any methods annotated with @Before but before any test method execution.

permissions String: a variable list of Android permissions

GrantPermissionRule GrantPermissionRule