public abstract @interface SmallTest
implements Annotation

Annotation to assign a small test size qualifier to a test. This annotation can be used at a method or class level.

Test size qualifiers are a great way to structure test code and are used to assign a test to a test suite of similar run time.

Execution time: <200ms

Small tests should be run very frequently. Focused on units of code to verify specific logical conditions. These tests should runs in an isolated environment and use mock objects for external dependencies. Resource access (such as file system, network, or databases) are not permitted. Tests that interact with hardware, make binder calls, or that facilitate android instrumentation should not use this annotation.

Note: This class replaces the deprecated Android platform size qualifier android.test.suitebuilder.annotation.SmallTest and is the recommended way to annotate tests written with the Android Testing Support Library.


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From interface java.lang.annotation.Annotation