ActivityResultFunction Function that returns an Instrumentation.ActivityResult, to be called by ERROR(/ResettingStubberImpl#getActivityResultFunctionForIntent)
ResettingStubber A sneaky singleton object used to respond to intents with fake responses. 
ResolvedIntent An Intent that has been processed to determine the set of packages to which it resolves. 
VerifiableIntent A ResolvedIntent that can be marked as verified. 
VerificationMode An interface for different modes of verifying intents. 


Checks Substitute for Guava Preconditions to avoid guava as a dep. 
Intents Intents enables validation and stubbing of intents sent out by the application under test. 
OngoingStubbing Supports method chaining after @Intents#intending method call. 
ResettingStubberImpl Implementation of ResettingStubber  
VerificationModes Implementations of VerificationMode