Bindable Interface that can be implemented by classes that provide an IBinder
Converter<I, O> Converts input to output. 
EspressoRemoteMessage Transforms an Espresso remote message from and to a proto message. 
EspressoRemoteMessage.From<T, M> Transforms a proto message of type M into a class of type T. 
EspressoRemoteMessage.To<M> Transforms a class implementing this interface to a proto message. 
RemoteInteraction Facilitates communication between other Espresso instance that may be running in different processes. 


ConstructorInvocation Reflectively invokes the constructor of a declared class. 
EspressoRemote A singleton class that facilitates communication between other Espresso instance that may be running in different processes. 
FieldDescriptor Provides additional meta data about a Field declared in a class. 
GenericRemoteMessage Generic implementation of the EspressoRemoteMessage interface, which uses reflection for proto message serialization and deserialization. 
InteractionRequest Encapsulates an UiInteraction.InteractionRequestProto request. 
InteractionRequest.Builder Creates an instance of InteractionRequest from a View matcher and action. 
InteractionResponse Encapsulates a UiInteraction.InteractionResultProto request. 
InteractionResponse.Builder Builder for InteractionResponse  
InteractionResponse.RemoteError TODO(b/31122396): parse this from a proto Enum representing wire protocol error codes and their default description. 
NoopRemoteInteraction Noop RemoteInteraction object  
ProtoUtils Contains various utility methods to ease use of protos and increased readability in code. 
RemoteDescriptor Descriptor object containing all the required information to serialize and deserialize a type to and from a proto. 
RemoteDescriptor.Builder Builder for RemoteDescriptor  
RemoteDescriptorRegistry A registry for registering remote descriptors. 
RemoteInteractionRegistry An exposed registry instance to make it easy for callers to get a hold of Remote Interaction  
TypeProtoConverters Converters from Any proto messages to their unwrapped target types. 


InteractionResponse.Status The status of this interaction response. 


NoRemoteEspressoInstanceException An Exception which indicates that there are no remote Espresso clients present. 
RemoteEspressoException Espresso exception representing any runtime related errors in a multi-process environment  
RemoteProtocolException Espresso exception representing any protocol related errors in a multi-process environment