Android Studio v1.4.1 (October 2015)

Fixes and enhancements:

  • Fixed a Gradle model caching issue that could lead to excessive Gradle syncing when the IDE was restarted.
  • Fixed a native debugging deadlock issue.
  • Fixed an issue blocking users of the Subversion 1.9 version control system.
  • Fixed a Device Chooser dialog problem where after connecting a device that was unauthorized you could no longer select the emulator. Issue: 189658
  • Fixed incorrect translation error reporting for locales that have a region qualifier and a translation in the region (but not in the base locale). Issue: 188577
  • Fixed a deadlock issue in the Theme Editor related to its interaction with the Layout Editor. Issue: 188070
  • Fixed a Theme Editor reload and edit conflict causing attributes to not properly update. Issue: 187726
  • Improved Theme Editor performance.
  • Fixed an issue where the android:required attribute was ignored in the manifest. Issue: 187665