Android Studio 2.1 (April 2016)

The primary changes in this update provide support for development with the Android N Preview.

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<p><b>2.1.3 (August 2016)</b>
  This update adds compatibility with Gradle 2.14.1, which includes performance
  improvements, new features, and an important <a href=
  class="external-link">security fix</a>. For more details, see the <a href=
  "" class="external-link">Gradle
  release notes</a>.
  By default, new projects in Android Studio 2.1.3 use Gradle 2.14.1. For
  existing projects, the IDE prompts you to upgrade to Gradle 2.14.1 and
  <a href="/studio/releases/gradle-plugin.html#revisions">Android plugin
  for Gradle 2.1.3</a>, which is required when using Gradle 2.14.1 and

2.1.2 (June 2016)

This update includes a number of small changes and bug fixes:

  • Instant Run updates and bug fixes.
  • Improvements to LLDB performance and crash notifications.
  • Fixed a regression in the Android Studio 2.1.1 security update that caused git rebase to fail.

2.1.1 (May 2016)

Security release update.

The Android N platform adds support for Java 8 language features, which require a new experimental compiler called Jack. The latest version of Jack is currently supported only in Android Studio 2.1. So if you want to use Java 8 language features, you need to use Android Studio 2.1 to build your app.

Note: Instant Run is disabled when you enable the Jack compiler because they currently are not compatible.

Although Android Studio 2.1 is now stable, the Jack compiler is still experimental and you must enable it with the jackOptions property in your build.gradle file.

Other than the changes to support the N Preview, Android Studio 2.1 includes minor bug fixes and the following enhancements:

  • The Java-aware C++ debugger is now enabled by default when you're using an N device or emulator and select Native debugger mode (in the Debugger tab for your run/debug configuration).

For other build enhancements, including incremental Java compilation and dexing-in-process,update your Android plugin for Gradle to version 2.1.0.