Android Studio v1.3.0 (July 2015)

Fixes and enhancements:

  • Added options to enable developer services, such as Google AdMob and Analytics, in your app from within Android Studio.
  • Added additional annotations, such as @RequiresPermission, @CheckResults, and @MainThread.
  • Added the capability to generate Java heap dumps and analyze thread allocations from the Memory Monitor. You can also convert Android-specific HPROF binary format files to standard HPROF format from within Android Studio.
  • Integrated the SDK Manager into Android Studio to simplify package and tools access and provide update notifications.

    Note: The standalone SDK Manager is still available from the command line, but is recommended for use only with standalone SDK installations.

  • Added the finger command in the emulator console to simulate fingerprint authentication.
  • Added a <public> resource declaration to designate library resources as public and private resources.

    Note: Requires Android plugin for Gradle version 1.3 or higher.

  • Added data binding support to create declarative layouts that bind your application logic to layout elements.
  • Added support for a separate test APK module to build test APKs in Android Studio.
  • Updated the AVD Manager with HAXM optimizations and improved notifications.
  • Added 64-bit ARM and MIPS emulator support for QEMU 2.1.
  • Simplified the resolution of Lint warnings by adding quick fixes, such as the automatic generation of Parcelable implementation.
  • Added live template support for quick insertion of code snippets.