Cuvva builds faster and with higher quality with Compose

Cuvva is making insurance radically better by giving you a truly flexible way to manage your cover, all from your phone. The Android engineers at Cuvva got to spend some time re-architecting their app and decided to adopt a unidirectional data flow and Jetpack Compose. That way they could move away from their custom View based design system, which was slower and harder to work with, and less predictable on older versions of Android.

What they did

The Cuvva team created new design components from scratch, then used the interoperability APIs to place Composables inside existing layouts and, with time, replace View-based screens and build new screens with Compose. “We found that Compose lets us create new design components from scratch much more rapidly and spend less time trying to work around state management or fragmentation. Once we had built up a large enough library of these components, shipping a new screen became very fast, and it has definitely helped us to be more productive.”


Compose allowed them to build a higher quality app faster: “The speed at which Compose allows us to put together a new feature means we can iterate more rapidly, providing a higher-quality experience for our customers faster than before.“

With Compose the number of lines you need to write, and therefore read, understand, and maintain, decreases: “we were very pleased to see how few lines were required to create lists or animations in our app. Compose has definitely dramatically reduced the number of lines of code required to build our UI.”

Custom components are easier to implement: “We created a circular dial component which is used to show customers their driving score. Animating its progress and colours with Compose was far easier and a lot more fun than it would have been previously. Doing anything custom, whether that’s new components or changing the behaviour of existing ones, is far easier in Compose.”

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