El Mundo improves user ratings and engagement with Material Design


El Mundo, one of Spain’s largest newspapers, integrated material design principles into their app, which helped increase their Google Play Store rating and improve user engagement.

What they did

El Mundo decided to completely redesign their app to provide a higher quality user experience, making it easier for their readers to engage with news content. By implementing material design guidelines, they created a consistent look and feel throughout their app.

After analyzing user comments, El Mundo discovered that readers considered their app to be complicated and out-of-date. Therefore, they decided to simplify the app’s functionality by removing features that were redundant. They also removed sections of their app that were less relevant to their readers, such as weather updates and movie trailers. Finally, they applied a brand new internal development framework that they now use consistently across all of their apps.


Following the re-launch of their material design app, El Mundo saw a 45% increase in the weekly install rate. Readers now spend more time in the app, with the average time spent in-app increasing from one to three minutes.

Additionally, this redesign resulted in more readers providing positive feedback around the new experience, increasing the app rating in the Google Play store by 25.8%, from 3.1 to 3.9.

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