OneSoft uses instant apps to boost Galaxy Attack install rate by 15%

With over 50 million reported installs and more than 500,000 five-star ratings, Galaxy Attack is a popular alien shooter game. When Vietnamese game developer OneSoft wanted to increase their reach even further, they turned to Google Play Instant and saw their install rates blast off.

What they did

OneSoft had already published several successful games on the Play Store, but they were new to Google Play Instant. The team created a light version of their popular space shooter game, Galaxy Attack. “We made simple levels based on the original game so users might find the game easy to play, but still addictive,” said Trần Mạnh Hùng, CEO of OneSoft.

When users visited the game listing on Google Play, they were able to launch the light version just by clicking the “Try Now” button.


OneSoft reported that their installs increased by 15%, with some markets such as Germany improving installs by almost 30%. Users enjoyed the gameplay they were able to experience through Google Play Instant and wanted to continue playing later on.

In fact, OneSoft noticed that users who had installed the app through the “Try Now” button spent 36% more time playing the game than users who downloaded directly from the Play Store listing. Day 1 and Day 7 retention rates were also much stronger for users who first engaged with the Google Play Instant experience.

“We're quite excited and surprised about this promising result,” Trần said. “Google Play Instant is an awesome feature, which helps us to get truly immersed users, leading to higher retention rate and engagement time.”

The experiment proved so successful that the OneSoft team launched two other instant games: Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack and Arcade Shooting. The team has even been offering advice to other game developers about how to launch a successful instant game.

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